Edward Ayoub's Biography
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  • Nuclear Scientist
  • High-Tech Pioneer and Entrepreneur
  • Founder of Macroknow
  • Publisher of Much Mind, Mind Chronicle, Mind Indexes, Macroknow Library, Brand New Law, and World Geist
  • Creator of the Macrogenome Project and the Macroknow Intellectual Intelligence (MI2) System.
Dr. Edward E. Ayoub is a nuclear scientist, a high-tech pioneer and entrepreneur, the founder of Macroknow, and the creator of Macroknow Intellectual Intelligence.

Edward is a nuclear physicist. He earned his M.Phil. and Ph.D. degrees from Yale University. His doctoral research was conducted at the A.W. Wright Nuclear Structure Laboratory under the direction of Prof. D. Allan Bromley. Bromley later served as Science Advisor to President George Bush.

Edward's work has been at the frontiers of science and technology. He worked at the IBM T. J. Watson Research Center, at Bell-Northern Research, and at the Northern Telecom corporate offices, which he joined as Senior Computer Scientist.

He is a high-tech pioneer and entrepreneur. In 1980, he founded WS&T World Science and Technology where he pioneered new ways to leverage intellect with sophisticated software power and artificial intelligence assets -- for use in business, industry, and finance. WS&T solved some of the toughest problems of Artificial Intelligence for business: the automation and seamless integration of the full calculative machinery of financial and managerial decision making -- on personal computers. Edward also pioneered what may well be the first commercial, graphically illustrated electronic book for the PC. WS&T products were licensed for worldwide distribution to Xerox Corporation and others.

Edward has fought passionately to protect the freedom and economic interests of individuals and small entrepreneurial enterprises against the abuses of concentrated financial and commercial powers. He is the author of the first two volumes in The Excessive Power Series, published by Macroknow Inc., and of the groundwork of the Quantum Theory of Economics -- probably the most powerful and realistic theory of economics. He is the creator of the Macroknow Intellectual Intelligence System, which measures the state of mind of people around the globe on a daily basis. And he is the publisher of Much Mind/Global Intellectual Intelligence and Global Security Alert.

He is working on a project that will show how to expand the horizons of Capitalism, wealth, and freedom -- well beyond those circumscribed by current Ptolemaic legislative and financial structures, and current debt-based capitalism.

Edward and his wife Trude live in Toronto. They have two sons, Edward and Thomas.