Edward Ayoub's Interests

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Dr. Ayoub's interests include:
  1. The Macrogenome Project. A Most Ambitious Undertaking Dedicated to Mapping the Entire Genetic Structure of the Dominant Philosophies that Shape our World.

    The Macrogenome Project is the intellectual analogue of the Genome Project. It is to the thinking soul what the Genome Project is to living matter. The project's domains include philosophy, political economy, law, and theology -- Mosaic-Solomonic, Christian, and Islamic.

    The goals of the project are:

    • To map the entire intellectual genetic structure of the dominant philosophies and worldviews that shape our world.

    • To identify, scrutinize, and compare the ideas, concepts, notions, and thought species and subspecies that make up the dominant philosophies that underlie current policies and legislation. To identify common substructures.

    • To discover, characterize, and categorize the codes, structures, lineages, and variants of the thought species; and to correlate these with origins, intents, and effects.

    • To locate, characterize, and catalogue defects in logic and intellection; and to correlate, cross-link, and cross-reference the defects with associated political disorder, social diseases, and economic conflicts and destruction.

    • To build taxonomic, structure, and modeling databases for grounding philosophies. And to develop analytical tools and expert systems to model, simulate, and predict the outcomes of policies from their genomic structure and associated probabilistic confidences.

    • To issue timely political, economic, and financial alerts and advisories to political, business, and community leaders.

    • To promote the worldviews that benefit humankind, especially philosophies that promote and secure authentic freedom and wealth for all.

  1. New Capitalism and New Legislation. Development and documentation of The Anthropology, Phenomenology, and Historiography of Capitalist Thinking and Doing. Current forms of Capitalism are, like the physics of yesteryears, Ptolemaic, unstable, and insecure. Most current legislation enframes Darwinistic "net advantages" that inhibit global progress on a grand scale. The object of this program is thus to create

  • New legislative and judicial structures.
  • New forms of government.
  • New forms of Capitalism.
  • New kinds of marketplaces.
  • New kinds of exchanges and money.
  • New kinds of corporations, organizations, and institutions.
  • New people-centric economic alliances.
  • New ways to create and benefit from wealth.

The essence of the program is to create new opportunities, expand freedom and the horizon of justice, and enhance substantially wealth and the quality of Being for all people.

  1. Geoeconomics. The creation of large-scale economic unions - in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, Africa, and Asia - will probably be the next great human experiment. Currently, the good life is inaccessible to most of humanity. What are the principles, structures, processes, and strategies for changing globally the quality of Being? Are these entailed in geoeconomic union? The object of this program is thus to investigate how "best" to
  • Secure, enhance, and expand freedom, democracy, and justice for all people.
  • Secure, enhance, and expand economic opportunities for families everywhere.
  • Pool human, cultural, economic, and scientific and technological resources.
  • Consolidate and unify interests, integrate economies, and diversify and enrich markets.
  • Secure a common people-centric defense policy.
  • Create stable supranational groups.
  1. Quantum Theory of Economics. The development and empirical testing of the Quantum Theory of Economics. Current theories of economics are Ptolemaic. While resistance to change will be substantial, the emergence of new thinking in law and economics will have profound and formidable global implications, not unlike those that were brought about by physics since Copernicus, Kepler, and Galileo.
  2. Education, Learning, and Technology Transfer. The development and deployment of infrastructures, technologies, and, especially, intellectual content for global Internet-based education and learning. Primary activities include the creation, organization, dissemination, and delivery of quality content, and the transfer of actionable technology. The object of this program is to inform, enlighten, and enrich vast numbers of people, efficiently, inexpensively, and reliably.