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Commercial, Industrial, and Health Decision Analysis ServicesWho can benefit from Decision Analysis?
  • Business owners and managers of SMEs
  • Executives in large corporations
  • Brokers and bidders
  • Buyers and sellers
  • Contractors
  • Market researchers
  • Investors
  • Risk managers at banks and insurance companies
  • R&D managers
  • Plaintiffs and defendants
  • Lawyers
  • Contract negotiators
  • Arbitrators and mediators
  • Public policy makers
  • Planers and designers
  • Industrial engineers
  • Health management administrators
  • Physicians and clinician, etc.

You can benefit if

  • Your decisions and those of others involve significant or substantial opportunities, rewards, threats, or risks.
  • You must assess and evaluate several strategies with conflicting decisions or actions and risky outcomes.
  • You have access to inexpensive, easy-to-use Decision Analysis Services.

Macroknow Decision Analysis Services offer:

  • Sophisticated, quality decision analysis
  • Flexibility and ease of use
  • Timely and affordable results.



Macroknow's Commercial, Industrial, and Health Decision Analysis Services are most useful when three conditions prevail:
  1. Your decision making requires quantitative analysis.
  2. Your know what key decisions/actions trigger what outcomes and the probabilities or likelihoods of the outcomes and their payoffs;
  3. You want to ground your decision on efficient, cost-effective analytical services.

Macroknow Decision Analysis Services can help you to calculate the expected monetary values of the key decisions in each strategy, even when your knowledge of the payoffs is approximate or uncertain.

You can use Macroknow's Decision Analysis Services to analyze the expected monetary values (or other utility values) of strategies in myriad applications and scenarios, unique or repetitive, in many categories. You can also analyze and rank strategies based on utility (e.g., quality-adjusted life years, in clinical decisions involving survival or death).

BUSINESS AND FINANCE Product Promotion with Competitor Response
Media Campaign
Mergers and Acquisitions
Investment Decisions
Competitive Bidding
Scenario Analysis
Technology Risk Assessment and Planing
Environmental Risk Analysis
Conflict Resolution
Crisis Management
Contingency Planning
Physical Security Assessment
BANKING Public Relations Campaign
Financial Risk Assessment
Risk Policy Analysis
Operating Risk Analysis
Market Risk Analysis
LAW Litigation Analysis
Contract Negotiation
Mediation and Dispute Resolution
ENGINEERING Product Planing and Design
Decision Analysis for Plants, Processes, Systems, Products, and Services
HEALTH CARE Clinical Decision Analysis
Ordering Tests
Choosing Appropriate Medical Treatment
Choosing Appropriate Therapy
GOVERNMENT Economic Development Analysis
Investment and Funding Decisions
Government Negotiations
Public Policy Analysis
Public Safety Analysis
Education Program Analysis
Health Program Analysis
Transport and Storage of Hazardous Substances
Emergency Program Analysis


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The Essence of Capitalism
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