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ED'S FAVORITE QUOTATIONS. Copyright �� 2000 by Edward T.M. Ayoub. All Rights Reserved.The Macroknow Library™ offers ED's Favorite Quotations for your enjoyment. The quotations reveal the thoughts of the great thinkers on freedom, truth, money, debt, free trade, evil, deception, the law, justice (or the lack of it), religion, war, etc.

The Macroknow Library offers a network of links and knowledge maps that connect and relate the quotations. These are valuable education resources. 

  • By following links you can explore ideas, trace sources, and discover how thinking evolved.
  • By using the maps you can scan manifold viewpoints. Most exciting, you can compare and contrast the conflicted worldviews that shape our world.

You can view quotations by author or by topic, and you can search for quotations.