Buddha - Dhammapada
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The Dhammapada

"He, truly, is supreme in battle,
Who would conquer himself alone,
Rather than he who would conquer in battle
A thousand, thousand men." [v. 103]1a

"And should one live a hundred years
Not seeing 'the rise and demise';
Better still is one day lived
Of one seing 'the rise and demise.'" [v. 113]1b

" . . . Of death all are afraid.
Having made oneself the example,
One should neither slay nor cause to slay." [v. 129]1c

" . . . Misery is birth again and again." [v. 153]1d NIETZSCHE HEIDEGGER

"The wrong done by oneself
Is born of oneself, is produced in oneself.

It grinds one deficient in wisdom
As a diamond grinds a rock-gem." [v. 161]

"This world has become blinded, as it were.
Few here see insightfully. . . " [v. 174]1f

"Misery, the arising of misery,
And the transcending of misery,
The Noble Eightfold Path
Leading to the allaying of misery." [v. 191]1g

" . . . Bad qualities indeed are stains,
In this world and in that beyond.
More staining than that stain
Is ignorance, the worst of stains. . . "
[vv. 242-243]1h

"Life is easily lived
By a shameless one,
A disparager, crafty as a crow,
An obtruder, impudent and corrupt."
[v. 244]1i

"No sons there are for protection,
Neither father nor even relations,
For one seized by the End-Maker;
Among relations there is no protection." [v. 288]

"The one who speaks lies, goes to hell . . . " [v. 306]1k

" . . . The majority, indeed, are of poor virtue." [v. 320]1l

" . . . Come, see that person,
Who, released, runs back to bondage itself." [v. 344]


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