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The Analects
. "The Master said: 'If one sets one's heart on humaneness, one will be without evil.'" [4:4]1a

"The Master said: 'The gentleman is familiar with what is right, just as the small man is familiar with profit.'" [4:16]1b

"The Master said: 'It is all over! I have never come across anyone capable of discerning his errors and inwardly bringing himself to justice.'" [5:27]1c

"Zigong said: 'Suppose there is a beautiful jade here, does one wrap it up, put it in a box and keep it, or does one try to get a good price and sell it?' The Master said: 'Sell it of course, sell it of course! I am one who is waiting for a price.'" [9:13]1d

"Fan Chi asked about humaneness. The Master said: 'It is to love others.' He asked about understanding. The Master said: 'It is to understand others' . . . " [12:22]1e

"The Master said:'If a man does not anticipate deception and does not reckon on bad faith, but on the other hand is aware in good time when they occur, he is a man of quality, isn't he?'" [14:31]1f

"Zigong asked: 'Is there a single word such that one could practice it throughout one's life?' The Master said: 'Reciprocity perhaps? Do not inflict on others what you yourself would not wish done to you.'" [15:24]1g SADE

"Jie Yu, the madman of Chu, passed Master Kong, singing:

Phoenix, phoenix,
What a decline of virtue! . . .

Master Kong got down and wished to speak with him. But he hurried off and avoided him . . . " [18:5]1h NEW TESTAMENT NIETZSCHE


1 Confucius. The Analects. Translated with an Introduction and Notes by Raymond Dawson. Translation, Editorial material, Raymond Dawson, 1993. Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press. [The Analects consist of about 500 pieces organized by book and chapter; Confucius is referred to as Master Kong.]
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