William Edwards Deming
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Out of the Crisis. "What is the world's most underdeveloped nation? With the storehouse of skills and knowledge contained in its millions of unemployed, and with the even more appalling underuse, misuse, and abuse of skills and knowledge in the army of employed people in all ranks in all industries, the United States may be today the most underdeveloped nation in the world."1a

"Experience alone, without theory, teaches management nothing about what to do to improve quality and competitive position, nor how to do it. . . Experience will answer a question, and a question comes from theory."1b

"Deadly diseases afflict most companies in the Western world. An esteemed economist (Carolyn A. Emigh) remarked that cure of the deadly diseases will require total reconstruction of Western management."1c

"Mathematics, economics, psychology, statistical theory, theory of law, yes, but most studies of accounting, marketing, and finance are skills, not education; most use of computers for paperwork likewise."1d

Some Theory of Sampling.

Sample Design in Business Research.


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