Peter Ferdinand Drucker
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Technology Management and Society. "Education has moved, from having been an ornament, if not a luxury, to becoming the central economic resource of technological society."1a

"Today the whole earth has become a local community . . ."1b

"In government, modern technology and the modern economy founded on it have outmoded the national state as a viable unit."1c RUSSELL

"Aware that we are living in the midst of a technological revolution, we are becoming increasingly concerned with its meaning for the individual and its impact on freedom, on society, and on our political institutions. Side by side with messianic promises of utopia to be ushered in by technology, there are the most dire warnings of man's enslavement by technology, his alienation from himself and from society, and the destruction of all human and political values."1d FROMM

"The first great code of law, that of Hammurabi, almost four thousand years ago, would still be applicable to a good deal of legal business in today's highly developed, industrial society."1e HAMMURABI

"To take risk is . . . the essence of economic activity."1f

"The kindergarten stage is over. We'ree past the time when everybody was terribly impressed by the computer's ability to do two plus two in fractions of a nanosecond."1g ARISTOTLE DESCARTES PASCAL BERKELEY VOLTAIRE JAMES SANTAYANA RUSSELL POPPER ORWELL PENROSE

"Managers today cannot take the time to understand, because they don't have it."1h HEIDEGGER RAIFFA


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