Blaise Pascal
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"Mine, thine. 'This is my dog,' said these poor children . . . There is the origin and image of universal usurpation1a*

"Equality of possessions is no doubt right, but, as men could not make might obey right, they have made right obey might."1b

"Of true justice. We no longer have any."1c* ROUSSEAU

"Either Jews or Christians must be wicked."1d OLD TESTAMENT NEW TESTAMENT

"Atheists should say things that are perfectly clear. Now it is not perfectly clear that the soul is material."1e

"We are nothing but lies, duplicity, contradiction, and we hide and disguise ourselves from ourselves."1f ARISTOTLE DESCARTES BERKELEY VOLTAIRE JAMES SANTAYANA RUSSELL POPPER ORWELL DRUCKER PENROSE

"Even fewer people study man than mathematics."1g

"Jesus Christ for all, Moses for one people."1h

" . . . 'Either God is or he is not'. . . How will you wager?"1i


* Italics in the original.

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