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The Crisis of Global Capitalism.

" . . . [P]eople can get rich in financial markets and powerful in politics by propounding false theories or self-fulfilling prophesies."1a MAIMONIDES HERZL BUBER

" . . . I devised an ideal type of boom/bust sequence. . . There is nothing determinate about the ideal case . . . but reflexivity . . . is the rule and it is ignored by the prevailing wisdom."1b*

"Everybody must look out for his or her own interests and moral scruples can become an encumbrance in a dog-eat-dog world."1c GNOSTICS HERZL RAND

"Why bother about the truth when a proposition does not need to be true to be effective? Why be honest when it is success, not honesty or virtue that gains people's respect? . . . We are ready to enter the Age of Fallibility."1d BHAGAVAD GITA MAIMONIDES GANDHI KING

Editor's note: The notion of an amoral financial market where falsehood can be tolerated because humans are fallible stands in sharp contrast with the moral and ethical views of the giants of philosophy. See, for example, BUDDHA MAIMONIDES SPINOZA KANT EINSTEIN


* Italics in the original.

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