Pierre Elliott Trudeau

Corporate Canada.

" . . . Either we shall passively suffer our situation of economic domination, and then it would be better to be annexed outright to the United States, rather than be a colony exploited without limit. Or else we shall interfere vigorously in the game of economic forces . . . "1a

"Social profitability must take precedence over economic profitability: houses, schools and hospitals must come before factories and mills . . . "1b MENCIUS


1 Pierre Elliott Trudeau (1919-2000). The Economic Domination of Canada, in Corporate Canada: 14 Probes into the Workings of a Branch-Plant Economy. Edited by Rae Murphy and Mark Starowicz. Introduction by Mel Watkins. Toronto, ON: Canadian Journalism Foundation Incorporated, 1972. Toronto, ON: James Lewis & Samuel, Publishers, at 153-156. (Extracts from an essay in Cite Libre, May 1958, reprinted in the Last Post, May 1972.)
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