About Macroknow

Dr. Edward E. Ayoub

  • Founder of Macroknow -- Mind Systems and Mind Tools
  • Creator and developer of Muchmind -- the world's first system for measuring, tracking and analyzing people's global state of mind -- and the reflexive impacts of the mind on business and security
  • Creator and developer of the TimePlatform -- a System for automating the building, assembling, and use of mind tools for decision making
  • Author of five books on the cataclysmic dangers from usury-based Capitalism -- Capitalism as "technology" for dominion
  • Pioneered systems for large scale nuclear structure programming

Nuclear physicist [Yale University, 1973]
Conducted doctoral research at the A. W. Wright Nuclear Structure Laboratory (under the direction of Prof. D. Allan Bromley, who later served as Science Advisor to President George H. W. Bush)

Conducted a life time of research at the frontiers of science and technology

Worked at the IBM T. J. Watson Research Center [Artificial Intelligence and Robotics], at Bell-Northern Research, at the Northern Telecom corporate offices, which he joined as Senior Computer Scientist.
Served as CEO at WS&T World Science and Technology; WS&T products were licensed for worldwide distribution to Xerox Corporation and others


    Email: info@macroknow.com